Bow Nessie Englands Loch Ness Monster

It seems that Nessie in Scotland has an English cousin. The famous Loch Ness monster in Scotland has been for many years quite popular all over the world as a mysterious creature that inhabits the lake by the same name. While no further sightings have been known of the creature, the mystery behind the Loch Ness monster still pervades. And it seems that there is another such monster said to inhabit another lake, this time in England.

Reports recently have cropped up about a mysterious creature that may be inhabiting the waters of Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake. There are about seven reported sightings of a mysterious humpbacked animal in the lake over the last four years. There suddenly is an increasing interest in the mysterious creature that the locals have nicknamed Bow-Nessie.

Due to the reported sightings and growing mystery behind the said creature, monster hunters have started searching for Bow-Nessie around the lake. The hunters have started using sonar equipment for the first time to aid in their search and hopefully provide some evidence of any mysterious creature lurking underneath the lake waters.


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