Evidence Of Alien Technology

Extra-Terrestrial life has intrigued quite a lot of people through the years. The vastness of space has led many to believe that we are not alone in the universe. There must be other forms life out there. But then again, lack of any credible evidence can also change a person’s perception about life in other worlds.

Alien Technology

Alien life has also been considered by many to be more advanced than that of humans. They are said to own a type of technology that is said to be more advanced that what humans have. Some say that there are some evidences that alien technology may have reached Earth in ancient history. Case in point are the ancient architectural structures found in parts of India and in Egypt.

Ancient India And Egypt

The histories of India and Egypt go way back. They were civilizations that were considered as modern and mighty during their heyday. Proof of this are the various ancient monuments and architectural structures that was known to have been built thousands of years ago.

Egypt has been long known for its amazing pyramids and other ancient structures that still exist today. India also has its own complex of temples that are considered as marvels in themselves. Some historians believe that these ancient architectural marvels are products of alien technology.

Advanced Building Structures

A group of Indian and Egyptian scientists recently investigated the various architectural structures made by the ancient Indians and Egyptian. What they found out is that the structural foundation and the load bearing architectures are quite similar. One given example is the use of granite.

Granite is considered to be one of the hardest materials known. But the ancient Egyptians and Indians are known to mine, cut and shape it as if it was made of wood. They are also quite heavy and yet ancient technology allowed them to manipulate blocks of up to 50 tons and position them 180 feet above ground level aside from moving them from quarries located 600 miles away. Ancient technology allowed the drilling and sculpting of granite even though the only tools then available were made out from copper.

Advanced Technology

What further surprised the scientists was that the part of granite not exposed to weathering and atmospheric friction retained their sharp edge. A further look into this made the scientists suggest that such sharp edges are quite impossible to create unless ancient technology had allowed the use of lasers or even other advanced form of technology.

The ancient architectural marvels were considered old. But the way they were built suggested of alien or some other unknown technology being used then. Even when the ancient structures were built today, experts believe that it would be quite difficult to do so even with modern technology. How the ancient Indians and Egyptians were able to do so largely remains a mystery.
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