The Man In The Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask may be one of the ancient unexplained mysteries that continues to confound people today. The mystery lies on the true identity of the man behind the iron mask. It probably became known throughout the world by way of a French novel of the same name by Alexandre Dumas. A lot of explanations have tried to solve the mystery but has so far failed.

The Story

The story of a man with an iron mask began in 1698 with a man imprisoned in the Bastille. The French prison was known to contain residents who were known to be important but has somehow fallen in disfavor with King Louis XIV. But in this case, no one seemed to know about the identity of the prisoner, who was given to wear a mask all the time. The mysterious prisoner was said to be a captive of the French government since 1687, who was only known then as the man wearing an iron mask.

It was said that the masked prisoner died sometime in 1703, but stories about this strange and mysterious man continued to circulate. It was mentioned in various ways by various people that seemed to further prove its existence and also heighten the mystery. But the secret to the identity of the mysterious man in the iron mask was very closely guarded that the prisoner’s identity remained a mystery even to the royal court.

Possible Identities

Through the years, many people have tried to identify the man in the iron mask but to no avail. The reason probably may be due to the conflicting stories associated with the mysterious prisoner. The closest that can be done is provide several possible identities as to who the prisoner might be.

Rumors have it that the masked prisoner may have been the lover of Ann of Austria, the wife of King Louis XIII. It was further rumored that Louis XIV may not have been the son of Louis XIII but by Ann’s lover. The lover was imprisoned to prevent people from knowing that he was Louis XIV’s true father.

Some stories say that the man in the iron mask may have been the daughter of Louis XIII and Ann of Austria. Some believe that the mysterious prisoner may have been the non-identical twin of the king. Although there were many suggestions as to who the man in the iron mask may be, all of them remain as just possible identities. No shred of proof has yet been provided as to the true identity of the mysterious prisoner. It is even said that this mystery will continue to remain unsolved for the rest of time.
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