Pyramid To Be Explored By Robots

The ancient pyramids of Egypt still hold a lot of secrets. Despite years and years of research and exploration, there are still many mysteries that lie behind the pyramids, most notably inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Researchers are now seeking the help of robots in order to seek light to some of the hidden mysteries that still remain inside the Great Pyramid. Researchers from Leeds University in England, in partnership with French aviation company Dessault and British robotics company Scoutek, have built a robot explorer that can be used to explore a shaft that may unlock the mysteries inside a room that has remained sealed for over 4,500 years. This robot is part of a year-long exploration venture into the pyramid called the Djedi Project. A previous robot was already used for the project but has failed to access this particular shaft located in the tomb of the Queen to allow further exploration into the sealed room that was found inside the pyramid. Unlike the King’s tomb, which contain shafts that lead to the outside of the Great Pyramid, shafts leading from the Queen’s tomb seem to go even deeper into the pyramid. The new robot, the researchers hope, will do a better job in traveling down the shaft. The new robot will incorporate a small fiber optic camera that can be used to look around corners, an ultrasonic probe for testing the quality of rock and a mini-robot that can be released to fit into spaces as small as 0.7 inches in diameter. The robot will also be using special wheels made out of nylon and carbon fiber so that it won’t deface the sensitive rock of the pyramid.
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